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Theme for 2015: "Love One Another"

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Daily bible reading

To the right, you will find a "Daily Inspiration" Bible reading which comes from an automatic internet feed from the website www.tniv.info.  These readings are excellent material for a daily devotional thought.

Below, is another set of Bible readings, which we use at CV for reading through the Bible, a schedule developed by our Pulpit Minister.  He often uses a text from these readings in preparing the sermons we hear on Sunday morning.  It is intended to help us read and meditate every part of the Bible on a pace that keeps us moving steadily through the entire Bible, that provides some variety in alternating between Old Testament and New Testament books, and that is not too fast allowing us to meditate and absorb the context and the meaning of scripture for us today.

Sunday, November 22, Review last week’s readings, memorize 1 Samuel 26:10-11

Monday, November 23, 1 Samuel 24, David spares Saul’s life

Tuesday, November 24, 1 Samuel 25, Abigail

Wednesday, November 25, 1 Samuel 26, David again spares Saul’s life

Thursday, November 26, 1 Samuel 27 & 28, Samuel back from the grave

Friday, November 27, 1 Samuel 29 & 30, David against the Amalekites

Saturday, November 28, 1 Samuel 31, The end of Saul

Sunday, November 29, Review last week’s readings, memorize 2 Samuel 7:12-13

Monday, November 30, 2 Samuel 1, David’s love for Jonathan

Tuesday, December 1, 2 Samuel 2, Anointed king, but with civil war

Wednesday, December 2, 2 Samuel 3, With friends like Joab…

Thursday, December 3, 2 Samuel 4 & 5, David is king over all Israel

Friday, December 4, 2 Samuel 6, Bringing the ark to Jerusalem

Saturday, December 5, 2 Samuel 7 & 8, God will build a house for David


Welcome to the Chattahoochee Valley Church website!


Theme for 2015: "Love One Another"

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