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The women of Chattahoochee Valley church are active in most ministries of this congregation, but in a loosely organized format. Many activities are short-term, low-key that spring from their open hearts and eyes and a desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus not only among the members but also in the community. Toward that end, all of our women are encouraged to use their giftedness to create community, share ideas, and be an active part of the CV church family.


Prayer is a major activity; it is facilitated through the CV women’s private GroupMe app, which is available to any woman of the congregation who indicates interest. Often ways to help each other come to light through this avenue.


Several women started a small-group racial reconciliation study that has now spread to include all interested participants. Often women’s Bible study & fellowship groups are available, both during the day and on Wed. nights. 


An incomplete list of other ways women’s groups are impacting the CV family would include: welcoming—new babies, new brides, new members; scheduling & delivering meals; providing transportation; planting flowers; supporting teachers in public schools with notes of appreciation & treats; leading a girl scout troop; painting & decorating in the church building; and planning special events like potlucks, IF:gatherings & ladies’ retreats.


Although not specifically a women’s area, teaching in the children’s Bible classes and staffing the nursery are primarily done by ladies.


If an item in this space has stirred you to participate or sparked an idea about how you can work differently for God & this church family, please follow the nudging of the Spirit and contact someone to share what you’re being led to do.

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